Make Today a “Jar” Day

Right before we rang in 2013 with champagne and guacamole (as Wattersons do every year), back when gratitude jars were all the rage, I joined the movement. After a quick trip to Michaels, I mod-podged a Mason jar with scrapbook paper and jumped right into the new year.

Tentative at first, I was diligent to write a quick note every time something wonderful, memorable or downright hilarious happened in my life. I tossed ’em all in the jar and by years end, I had a mountain of memories. On Dec. 31, 2013, right before we turned the calendar year over again, I dumped my jar out in a pile on the living room floor and for the first time, read all the notes I had taken care to tediously document over the previous 365 days.

The result was glorious. Reading through all the notes made me so incredibly grateful for everything that happened in the craziness of 2013. Before I knew it, I found myself in tears of all kinds: laughter, nostalgia, pride.

Fueled by “jar” days, I decided to do it all over again in 2014. The days have flown by, but I’ve scribbled down notes here and there and put them routinely in their place. As we near the end of possibly the busiest, craziest year ever, I can’t wait to dump out my jar and revel in the sweet sentiments I’ve tucked carefully into the glass canister throughout the year.

Lately though, as I crack open the jar to add another memory, I’ve been pausing to ponder what made that day “jar-worthy”. For me, it can be anything. Something hilarious, something I’m grateful for, something that I felt proud of.

As we count down to 2015, I can’t help but think “Why can’t there be something about every day that makes it worth remembering?”

What if we made every day a “jar” day?


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