New Year, Old Me

I realize I’m a little late to the party on this whole “New Year” thing, but with tomorrow being March 1, I figured now was the perfect opportunity to share my thoughts on 2015. (Time flies when you’re having fun, right?)

I’ve never quite loved the idea of New Year’s resolutions on account of the fact that I think it’s silly (and limiting) to wait for one time of year to reset goals, refresh your lifestyle, quit a bad habit or start something new.

New Year’s resolutions aside, I’m also not onboard with this whole “New Year, New Me” idea that rears its ugly head every January. I mean, why do we need to reinvent ourselves every  year? Why should we focus on becoming something totally new? Why is the “me” I was before so horrific that I need to become something totally different?

In my own personal experience, I’ve found that more often than not I stray away from the things I want to be or the things I want to do. Doesn’t this mean, then, that we should focus on returning to our old selves, not totally dumping the old to begin anew?

I absolutely appreciate the wonderful feeling that comes with a fresh slate, a new beginning or slamming a door to the past, but I don’t think that means we have to entirely remake ourselves to accomplish something.

In 2015, I’ve resigned to focus on getting back to the things I love, to make time for the things that make me happy and to truly, 100 percent, absolutely be the person I am or strive to be. It might be a new year, but I’m striving to be more like the old me.

Tomorrow isn’t January 1, it’s March 1. But March 1 is as good a time as any to start something. This year, let’s focus less on being “new”, and more on just being awesome.

Cheers to a brand new, happy year, y’all.



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