Me, Myself and Time

First time I’ve blogged in a year (exactly one year actually, weird how that happens) and I bounce back naming my first post after a Demi Lovato song. Bold, right? I know, I like to keep it interesting.

So much has happened over the past year. I’ve changed a lot, I’ve grown a lot and I’ve made some super, amazing, incredible memories. I can’t possibly put it all into words, which is actually kind of the best part. Life, man, I’ve been living it. But…to sort of recap:

A Handful of Ways My Life Has Changed:

  • I’ve got a new gig now. I spend my days doing meaningful, challenging stuff to manage the people side of change with a team that inspires me. At night, I do whatever I want. Which usually consists of some combination of running, reading and sports.
  • I wear heels on purpose. Crazy, right? Remember this? Yeah. I rock those bad boys at least twice a week now.
  • I firmly believe a good night of sleep is pretty much the greatest thing ever. And I protect those eight hours with every ounce of my being. Well-rested is a thing guys, a pretty necessary thing in fact.
  • I’m just simple, uninhibited me. No longer defined by people, things, hobbies, ideas or traits. I’m happy and I’m just me.

A Handful of Ways My Life Hasn’t Changed One Bit:

  • I still have zero pets. Who has time for those things anyways?
  • I still kill plants despite my best efforts. I still adopt more plants anyways.
  • I still listen to an unhealthy amount of country music, annoy my neighbors by screaming about baseball and eat way too much guacamole.
  • As always, my family and friends are the absolute greatest. I live for them.

It’s been a whirlwind of year, but if there’s one (okay, two) things I’ve learned, it’s that a) life is one hell of a beautiful ride and b) life goes on.

Well there you have it. I’m back. Let’s do this blog thing more often.