8 Signs I’m (Almost) A Grown-Up

Not that growing up is a bad thing, but it’s definitely hilarious to think about the “grown-up” traits I’ve picked up since graduating in May and starting a full-time job in June.

1. I’m usually in bed by 10 or 10:30 p.m. In college, I was usually just arriving home at this time from student org meetings or sporting events. In high school, I didn’t get out of swim practice until 10. Now though, you can find me zzzz’ing into my pillow.

2. I bought a swanky blender…and a swanky food processor. Then, I spent an hour and a half digging up and saving recipes of things I can make with said swanky kitchenware. (So far, I’ve only made smoothies but they’ve all been amazing.)

3. I now own more dress pants than I do jeans. Which makes total sense since I spend the majority of time at work, but still. It’s a little weird.

4. My iron has a permanent home…on my kitchen table…where I use it every night.

5. Cleaning and organizing are basically my new favorite hobbies, right behind pinning apartment decor and ideas for curtains on Pinterest.

6. I’ve starting couponing. But not extreme couponing. I just cut coupons out and then I actually use them at the grocery store. Sometimes I get excited when I get a really great coupon like $3 off turkey burgers or BOGO Greek yogurt. That’s when I know there’s no turning back.

7. The first boy I ever kissed is getting married. Actually, pretty much everyone is getting married. My point is, I now know more people who are engaged and planning their wedding than I know who are approaching their 21st birthday. So basically, I’m old.

8. I forgot that recess was a thing. As in, my brain completely forgot that I used to have a short (in comparison to the real world) school day from 8:30 to 3:30 AND get a break to go outside and play.

Well folks, looks like I’m fully on my way to grown-up-hood. I’m definitely happy about some of the things I’ve learned and traits I’ve picked up in the real world so far, but it does make me giggle when I compare it to my college days. On the bright side, I still drink cheap wine, make frozen food in the microwave for dinner and freak out when I get packages from home so I guess I haven’t fully crossed over to the “grown-up” world yet.