Three Reasons to Celebrate


Given that post-grad life isn’t quite as glamorous as I had imagined as a disillusioned college kid, I like to celebrate the little things each week. This week I’ve got quite a bit to be happy about including:

1. I made my first college loan payment. With two months to go in my “grace period”, I decided to bite the bullet and start chipping away at the gross things called student loans. Not going to lie, it feels pretty good.

2. I ran. I used to run a lot but working full-time and sleeping enough to have the energy to work full-time have pretty much consumed my schedule and I’ve been struggling with finding ways to get exercise in. I’ve started running again right after work which has actually been pretty successful so far.

3. AppleFest. Every year in my itsy bitsy little hometown, we have this thing called AppleFest. Live music, amazing local goodies and bunches of people come together to celebrate Autumn essentially. I love the fresh apple cider and pumpkin-flavored everything that you can find there. I haven’t been able to attend the last few years because of college commitments so this year, I’m extra excited to be able to go.

What are you all celebrating this week?


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